Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Early pottery making at Jackfield (2)

Here are some photos of the kiln and other features recently excavated at Jackfield...
(scroll down a couple of posts for background info).

The first three photos were taken at the end of last week, the last two were taken today.

General view of the kiln. The wall down the middle is from a later building.

The outside of the hovel wall is still standing nearly 2m in height

A brick-lined clay storage pit, and the saggars which have been excavated from it.

These photos were taken today, and show progress on excavating the centre of the kiln, and also exposing the rest of the outer hovel wall...

Here is the newly-discovered part of the kiln, showing the outer hovel wall and the well-preserved floor inside. You can also see the quarry tiled floor of the abutting building in the foreground.

The centre of the kiln... the curved wall here is the base of an earlier kiln.


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