Thursday, September 15, 2005

The old archaeology van

Well what can we say? A very battered old transit van, built in 1991 and amazingly still in use at the Museum, although now no longer by the archaeology team.

Some famous accidents and incidents include...

  • Hitting a lamp-post on Dale Road after a bizarre skid - needed extensive remedial work at the Ford factory before being returned to service (c.1995? we think) - the stump of the old lamp-post remained in situ until recently (M. Worthington)
  • In use as a diving board at a notorious archaeology party of the late 1990s at the Lloyds, dents in the roof still evident (S. White)
  • Being apprehended by Customs and Excise en route back from Barrow in 2003 with a broken exhaust, enquiring if we were using red diesel! (S. Roper)
A EULOGY TO THE VAN supplied by Kurt Vincent...

...incidently Michael wiped out the entire "Steel" fencing along the pathway which used to run parallel with the road, one of the horizontal lengths of 50mm steel tube pierced its way through the near side panel and opening it up like a tin can, Michael was very lucky....resulting in the whole one side of the van needing to be replaced, hence no signage on one side to date. This very sad looking and abused vehicle who's life has been a rocky one, is now sitting at Furrows Telford with Axle/Diff/Gearbox/Clutch problems, which it's repairs being estimated more than it's value.......all it ever wanted was a careful loving owner, a pair of furry dice to proudly display around its mirror, a leather wheel cover, leopard skin seat covers, 12" spotlights, Starsky & Hutch style white lightning transfers to the sides and to be driven along the backbone of Britain, instead it was subject to torturous "local" roads, wheelbarrows and shovels, hedges and fields, wild party nights, the "vinyl gloves treatment" over fuel type by the ministry and to be left naked and exposed on Dale Road. May this van's suffering and turmoil finally end and may it rest in eternal peace.......Amen !! :-)

Any more stories and tales about this epic vehicle from Ironbridge staff past and present... please add your comments!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cannot tell a lie, it was not Mr Worthington that trashed the van back in 1995, it was I.


19/12/06 17:33  

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