Friday, November 11, 2005

Jackfield Mill Building

This work is now nearly completed. Our analysis of the building during restoration work has revealed a great deal of new information. Previous studies of how the site worked have relied heavily on historical documentary sources or on incomplete inspections of the site. Now our work is approaching a 'definitive version' of events.

Flint grinding pans still in situ in the Mill Building

Mounting blocks for blungers and bearing box.

Of course there is still a great deal of analysis to be done. We need to reconcile the evidence from the buildings with the known historical data and early map evidence.

In 2006 are hoping to produce a monograph on our work at Jackfield. This will be written by Sophie Watson and Simon Roper, with contributions by others who have worked on the site over the last 20 years - including Tony Herbert, Tim Jenkins and Shelley White.


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