Monday, December 19, 2005

Merry Christmas!

On Friday we had our Christmas lunch, at the Kynnersley Arms.

Sophie Watson, Paul Belford, Emma Dwyer, Simon Roper and William Mitchell

Our association with the 'Kyn' goes back to May 2001 when we were digging holes with the Time Team. On that occasion we actually managed to keep control of the mad TV archaeologists, and the results were very interesting.

Beneath the pub are the remains of a blast furnace, built in the mid 17th century and in use for over 100 years. Our work with the Time Team discovered the hearth of this furnace and the extent of associated features. Since then the landlady - Jane Wood - has been extremely busy with local groups fundraising and restoring the remains of the furnace and the 18th century mill machinery.

As usual we went for our Christmas lunch this year with our colleagues at the Ironbridge Gorge Museum library and archives and with the Ironbridge Institute.

John Powell, Jenny Bill, Joanne Smith (Library) and Janice Fletcher (Institute).


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