Friday, January 13, 2006


As part of our continuing work at the former foundry site in Stourbridge we have recently had to monitor the demolition of one of the buildings adjacent to the foundry and carry out a photographic survey of two other buildings prior to their demolition.

Demolition of 20th century building adjacent to the foundry.

To the north of the foundry was another complex of buildings. These were predominantly modern structures, but lodged deep within them were two 19th century buildings.

19th century heart of a 2oth century complex.

Demolition work freed these two earlier structures..... at least for a few days before they were demolished themselves! However long enough for us to compile a comprehensive photographic record.

The 19th century buildings allowed to stand free!

Inside one of the now derelict former workshops.

Sun-drenched if somewhat worse for wear east face of the buildings.


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