Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tean Hall Mills

We have recently started work recording the transmission system in this interesting mill complex in Staffordshire. At the heart of the mill range is the seventeenth century Tean Hall, a timber-framed building with an eighteenth century brick and stone extension. The mill itself was established in the later eighteenth century, with substantial buildings being added in the 1820s.

The main steam-powered range of 1823.

Interior view of the 'fireproof' structure, very reminiscent of Dither-ington Flax Mill.

Detail of one of the columns and its connection with the cast-iron beam.

Line shafting in the top floor of the earlier (street frontage) range.

Although our main remit on this project is to record the power system, part of our work will also include understanding the phasing of the complex. There are also aspects of the site which sit well within our portfolio of contemporary archaeology.


Anonymous Paul said...

I was interested to see your information on Tean Hall Mill, i my self live in the village of Upper Tean and have a great interest in our mill, I have a large collection of photographs and video of the mill over the past eleven years from its last days as a working mill up to it’s demolition and renovation if I can help your project please contact me

4/9/06 19:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did the Laser scanning at Tean Mill for Wolverhampton Uni - I was interested to see the comments about the ephemera - the 70/80's posters made a change to all the dead pigeons at any rate!
If you have any papers on the work you did there, I'd be keen to see it.
Deri Jones

25/2/07 23:06  

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