Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tean Hall update

We are now in the process of recording the timber frame of the old hall, and some of the interior details. Our drawn record will supplement the architect's photographic record. The timber framing has a number of phases. Some of it may even pre-date the early 17th century date of the hall, and perhaps belongs to a late-medieval barn. Some of it is clearly 18th century in origin and seems to have been brought in wholesale from somewhere else.

Looking up from a mid-18th century panelled room to earlier 18th century joists

The door in the attic with pit-sawn boards and lovely old lock.

Other eighteenth century elements (from the later brick-built part of the hall) are also quite interesting. This fireplace shows at least three phases of use, blocking and re-use.

Fireplace on the ground floor


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