Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wednesbury Forge

The excavations have been delayed slightly by inclement weather, but a large area is now opened and we are finishing off recording elements of the nineteenth century forge complex. Perhaps the most remarkable discoveries have been the enormous culverts (approximately 4 metres in diameter) at the western end of the site, part of the water power system. We also have a convoluted and complex network of flues serving various furnaces and grinding areas. So far we have identified more than 8 different grinding wheel pits of various shapes and sizes.

Looking over the southern part of the excavation, with brick-lined and concrete grinding pits.

The central part of the site. Brick boiler base in the foreground, replacing water-power features to the right. The 'spaghetti junction' part of the flue network is in middle distance.

A pair of relatively recent grinding wheel emplacements in the foreground, and part of one of the culverts looming in the background.


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