Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ditherington Flax Mill

We have been back at Ditherington again this month, monitoring the excavation of foundation holes on behalf of English Heritage. This work has certainly provided an interesting insight into the construction of this famous iron-framed building. Many of the first set of holes showed quite minimal foundations. Minimal foundations is not perhaps surprising in itself for an eighteenth century building, but more interesting is the variability of the foundation levels and the range of different approaches to construction.

The purpose of these holes is to provide support for temporary scaffolding which will be erected by English Heritage whilst a more permanent solution for improving the structural integrity of the building can be found.

Exterior holes being dug on the SE side of the mill.

General view of the interior columns with holes to take line-shafting.

Hole No.24.

The 18th hole! Hole No.18, showing drainage culvert.


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